IN  PVOID                pConnectEventContext,
  IN  int                  RemoteAddressLength,
  IN  PVOID                pRemoteAddress,
  IN  int                  UserDataLength,
  IN  PVOID UNALIGNED      pUserData,
  IN  int                  OptionsLength,
  IN  PVOID                pOptions,
  OUT CONNECTION_CONTEXT  *pConnectionContext,
  OUT PIRP                *ppAcceptIrp

Routine Description:

    This routine is connect event handler.  It is invoked when a request for
    a connection has been received by the provider.  NBT accepts the connection
    on one of its connections in its LowerConnFree list

    Initially a TCP connection is setup with this port.  Then a Session Request
    packet is sent across the connection to indicate the name of the destination
    process.  This packet is received in the RcvHandler.


    pConnectEventContext    - the context passed to the transport when this event was setup
    RemoteAddressLength     - the length of the source address (4 bytes for IP)
    pRemoteAddress          - a ptr to the source address
    UserDataLength          - the number of bytes of user data - includes the session Request hdr
    pUserData               - ptr the the user data passed in
    OptionsLength           - number of options to pass in
    pOptions                - ptr to the options

Return Value:

    pConnectionContext      - connection context returned to the transport(connection to use)

    NTSTATUS - Status of receive operation