IN  PVOID                ReceiveEventContext,
  IN  PVOID                ConnectionContext,
  IN  USHORT               ReceiveFlags,
  IN  ULONG                BytesIndicated,
  IN  ULONG                BytesAvailable,
  OUT PULONG               BytesTaken,
  IN  PVOID                pTsdu,
  OUT PIRP                 *ppIrp

Routine Description:

    This routine is the receive event indication handler.

    It is called when an session packet arrives from the network. It calls
    a non OS specific routine to decide what to do.  That routine passes back
    either a RcvElement (buffer) or a client rcv handler to call.


    IN PVOID ReceiveEventContext - Context provided for this event when event set
    IN PVOID ConnectionContext  - Connection Context, (pLowerConnection)
    IN USHORT ReceiveFlags      - Flags describing the message
    IN ULONG BytesIndicated     - Number of bytes available at indication time
    IN ULONG BytesAvailable     - Number of bytes available to receive
    OUT PULONG BytesTaken       - Number of bytes consumed by redirector.
    IN PVOID pTsdu              - Data from remote machine.
    OUT PIRP *ppIrp             - I/O request packet filled in if received data

Return Value:

    NTSTATUS - Status of receive operation