IN  PEVENT_TABLE EventTable,
  IN  PCCB Ccb,
  IN  NAMED_PIPE_END NamedPipeEnd,
  IN  HANDLE EventHandle,
  IN  ULONG KeyValue,
  IN  PEPROCESS Process,

Routine Description:

    This routine adds a new entry into the event table.  If an entry already
    exists it overwrites the existing entry.


    EventTable - Supplies the event table being modified

    Ccb - Supplies a pointer to the ccb to store in event table entry

    NamedPipeEnd - Indicates the server or client end for the event

    EventHandle - Supplies the handle to the event being added.  The object
        is referenced by this procedure

    KeyValue - Supplies a key value to associate with the event

    Process - Supplies a pointer to the process adding the event

    PreviousMode - Supplies the mode of the user initiating the action

Return Value:

    PEVENT_TABLE_ENTRY - Returns a pointer to the newly added event.
        This is an actual pointer to the table entry.

    This procedure also will raise status if the event handle cannot be
    accessed by the caller