IN  PFCB Fcb,
  IN  PFILE_OBJECT ServerFileObject,
  IN  NAMED_PIPE_STATE NamedPipeState,
  IN  READ_MODE ServerReadMode,
  IN  COMPLETION_MODE ServerCompletionMode,
  IN  PEPROCESS CreatorProcess,
  IN  ULONG InBoundQuota,
  IN  ULONG OutBoundQuota

Routine Description:

    This routine creates a new CCB record


    Fcb - Supplies a pointer to the fcb we are attached to

    ServerFileObject - Supplies a pointer to the file object for the server

    NamedPipeState - Supplies the initial pipe state

    ServerReadMode - Supplies our initial read mode

    ServerCompletionMode - Supplies our initial completion mode

    CreatorProcess - Supplies a pointer to our creator process

    InBoundQuota - Supplies the initial inbound quota

    OutBoundQuota - Supplies the initial outbound quota

Return Value:

    PCCB - returns a pointer to the newly allocate CCB