IN  PWSTR ValueName,
  IN  ULONG ValueType,
  IN  PVOID ValueData,
  IN  ULONG ValueLength,
  IN  PVOID Context,
  IN  PVOID EntryContext

Routine Description:

    This routine translates a pipe name string based on information
    obtained from the registry at boot time.  This translation is used
    to allow RPC services that had different names in NT 1.0 to have
    common names in 1.0a and beyond.


    String - Supplies the input string to search for; returns the output
        string, if the name was translated.  If so, the string points to
        a buffer allocated from paged pool.  The caller should NOT free
        this buffer.

Return Value:

    NTSTATUS - Returns STATUS_SUCCESS unless an allocation failure occurs.
        The status does NOT indicate whether the name was translated.