Routine Description:

    This routine is used to abort a transaction in a registry sub-tree.


    RootRegistryKey - A handle to the registry key within whose sub-tree
        the transaction is to be aborted.

Return Value:

    STATUS_SUCCESS - Indicates the transaction was aborted.

    STATUS_UNKNOWN_REVISION - Indicates that a transaction state
        exists for the specified sub-tree, but has a revision level that is
        unknown by this service.

    STATUS_RXACT_INVALID_STATE - Indicates that the transaction state
        of the registry sub-tree is incompatible with the requested operation.
        For example, a request to start a new transaction while one is already
        in progress, or a request to apply a transaction when one is not
        currently in progress.  This may also indicate that there is no
        transaction state at all for the specified registry sub-tree.