IN  PACL Acl,
  IN  ULONG AceRevision,
  IN  UCHAR CompoundAceType,
  IN  ACCESS_MASK AccessMask,
  IN  PSID ServerSid,
  IN  PSID ClientSid

Routine Description:

    This routine adds a KNOWN_COMPOUND_ACE to an ACL.  This is
    expected to be a common form of ACL modification.


    Acl - Supplies the Acl being modified

    AceRevision - Supplies the Acl/Ace revision of the ACE being added

    CompoundAceType - Supplies the type of compound ACE being added.
        Currently the only defined type is COMPOUND_ACE_IMPERSONATION.

    AccessMask - The mask of accesses to be granted to the specified SID pair.

    ServerSid - Pointer to the Server SID to be placed in the ACE.

    ClientSid - Pointer to the Client SID to be placed in the ACE.

Return Value:

    NTSTATUS - STATUS_SUCCESS if successful and an appropriate error
        status otherwise