IN  PSTRING String1,
  IN  PSTRING String2,
  IN  BOOLEAN CaseInSensitive

Routine Description:

    The RtlCompareString function compares two counted strings.  The return
    value indicates if the strings are equal or String1 is less than String2
    or String1 is greater than String2.

    The CaseInSensitive parameter specifies if case is to be ignored when
    doing the comparison.


    String1 - Pointer to the first string.

    String2 - Pointer to the second string.

    CaseInsensitive - TRUE if case should be ignored when doing the

Return Value:

    Signed value that gives the results of the comparison:

        Zero - String1 equals String2

        < Zero - String1 less than String2

        > Zero - String1 greater than String2