IN  USHORT CompressionFormatAndEngine,
  IN  PUCHAR UncompressedBuffer,
  IN  ULONG UncompressedBufferSize,
  OUT PUCHAR CompressedBuffer,
  IN  ULONG CompressedBufferSize,
  IN  ULONG UncompressedChunkSize,
  OUT PULONG FinalCompressedSize,
  IN  PVOID WorkSpace

Routine Description:

    This routine takes as input an uncompressed buffer and produces
    its compressed equivalent provided the compressed data fits within
    the specified destination buffer.

    An output variable indicates the number of bytes used to store
    the compressed buffer.


    CompressionFormatAndEngine - Supplies the format and engine
        specification for the compressed data.

    UncompressedBuffer - Supplies a pointer to the uncompressed data.

    UncompressedBufferSize - Supplies the size, in bytes, of the
        uncompressed buffer.

    CompressedBuffer - Supplies a pointer to where the compressed data
        is to be stored.

    CompressedBufferSize - Supplies the size, in bytes, of the
        compressed buffer.

    UncompressedChunkSize - Supplies the chunk size to use when
        compressing the input buffer.  The only valid values are
        512, 1024, 2048, and 4096.

    FinalCompressedSize - Receives the number of bytes needed in
        the compressed buffer to store the compressed data.

    WorkSpace - Mind your own business, just give it to me.

Return Value:

    STATUS_SUCCESS - the compression worked without a hitch.

    STATUS_INVALID_PARAMETER - The specified format is illegal

    STATUS_BUFFER_ALL_ZEROS - the compression worked without a hitch and in
        addition the input buffer was all zeros.

    STATUS_BUFFER_TOO_SMALL - the compressed buffer is too small to hold the
        compressed data.

    STATUS_UNSUPPORTED_COMPRESSION - the specified compression format and/or engine
        is not support.