IN  ULONG ArrayLength,
  IN  ULONG TargetSidBufferSize,
  OUT PSID TargetSid,
  OUT PSID *NextTargetSid,
  OUT PULONG RemainingTargetSidBufferSize

Routine Description:

    This routine copies the value of the source SID_AND_ATTRIBUTES array
    to the target.  The actual SID values are placed according to a separate
    parameter.  This allows multiple arrays to be merged using this service
    to copy each.


    ArrayLength - Number of elements in the source array to copy.

    Source - Pointer to the source array.

    TargetSidBufferSize - Indicates the length, in bytes, of the buffer
        to receive the actual SID values.  If this value is less than
        the actual amount needed, then STATUS_BUFFER_TOO_SMALL is returned.

    TargetArrayElement - Indicates where the array elements are to be
        copied to (but not the SID values themselves).

    TargetSid - Indicates where the target SID values s are to be copied.  This
        is assumed to be ULONG aligned.  Each SID value will be copied
        into this buffer.  Each SID will be ULONG aligned.

    NextTargetSid - On completion, will be set to point to the ULONG
        aligned address following the last SID copied.

    RemainingTargetSidBufferSize - On completion, receives an indicatation
        of how much of the SID buffer is still unused.

Return Value:

    STATUS_SUCCESS - The call completed successfully.

    STATUS_BUFFER_TOO_SMALL - Indicates the buffer to receive the SID
        values wasn't large enough.