OUT PUCHAR UncompressedBuffer,
  IN  ULONG UncompressedBufferSize,
  IN  PUCHAR CompressedBuffer,
  IN  ULONG CompressedBufferSize,
  OUT PULONG FinalUncompressedSize

Routine Description:

    This routine decompresses a buffer of StandardCompressed or MaxCompressed


    UncompressedBuffer - buffer to receive uncompressed data

    UncompressedBufferSize - length of UncompressedBuffer

          NOTE: UncompressedBufferSize must be the EXACT length of the uncompressed
                data, as Decompress uses this information to detect
                when decompression is complete.  If this value is
                incorrect, Decompress may crash!

    CompressedBuffer - buffer containing compressed data

    CompressedBufferSize - length of CompressedBuffer

    WorkSpace - pointer to a private work area for use by this operation

Return Value:

    ULONG - Returns the size of the decompressed data in bytes. Returns 0 if
        there was an error in the decompress.