IN  PSECURITY_DESCRIPTOR SecurityDescriptor,
  OUT PSID *Owner,
  OUT PBOOLEAN OwnerDefaulted

Routine Description:

    This procedure retrieves the owner information of a security


    SecurityDescriptor - Supplies the security descriptor.

    Owner - Receives a pointer to the owner SID.  If the security
        descriptor does not currently contain an owner, then this
        value will be returned as null.  In this case, the remaining
        OUT parameters are not given valid return values.  Otherwise,
        this parameter points to an SID and the remaining OUT
        parameters are provided valid return values.

    OwnerDefaulted - This value is returned only if the value
        returned for the Owner parameter is not null.  In this case,
        the OwnerDefaulted parameter receives the value of the
        security descriptor's OwnerDefaulted control flag.

Return Value:

    STATUS_SUCCESS - Indicates the call completed successfully.

    STATUS_UNKNOWN_REVISION - Indicates the revision of the security
        descriptor is not known to the routine.  It may be a newer
        revision than the routine knows about.