IN  PEXCEPTION_RECORD ExceptionRecord,
  IN  PCONTEXT ContextRecord,
  IN  ULONG ControlPc,
  IN  PVOID HandlerData,
  IN  ULONG Size

Routine Description:

    Records the dispatching of exceptions to frame-based handlers.
    The debugger may inspect the table later and interpret the data
    to discover the address of the filters and handlers.


    ExceptionRecord - Supplies an exception record

    ContextRecord - Supplies the context at the exception

    ControlPc - Supplies the PC where control left the frame being
        dispatched to.

    HandlerData - Supplies a pointer to the host-dependent exception
        data.  On the RISC machines this is a RUNTIME_FUNCTION record;
        on x86 it is the registration record from the stack frame.

    Size - Supplies the size of HandlerData


    The index to the log entry used, so that if the handler returns
    a disposition it may be recorded.