IN  PHHIVE Hive,
  IN  HCELL_INDEX DriverCell,
  IN  HCELL_INDEX GroupOrderCell,
  IN  PLIST_ENTRY BootDriverListHead

Routine Description:

    This routine allocates a list entry node for a particular driver.
    It initializes it with the registry path, filename, group name, and
    dependency list.  Finally, it inserts the new node into the boot
    driver list.

    Note that this routine allocates memory by calling the Hive's
    memory allocation procedure.


    Hive - Supplies a pointer to the hive control structure

    DriverCell - Supplies the HCELL_INDEX of the driver's node in the hive.

    GroupOrderCell - Supplies the HCELL_INDEX of the GroupOrderList key.
        ( \Registry\Machine\System\CurrentControlSet\Control\GroupOrderList )

    RegistryPath - Supplies the full registry path to the SERVICES node
            of the current control set.

    BootDriverListHead - Supplies the head of the boot driver list

Return Value:

    TRUE - Driver successfully added to boot driver list.

    FALSE - Could not add driver to boot driver list.