HANDLE RootDirectory,
      PCMHIVE CmHive,
      BOOLEAN Allocate,
      PSECURITY_DESCRIPTOR SecurityDescriptor

Routine Description:

    The existing, "free floating" hive CmHive describes is linked into
    the name space at the node named by LinkName.  The node will be created.
    The hive is assumed to already have an appropriate root node.


    LinkName - supplies a pointer to a unicode string which describes where
                in the registry name space the hive is to be linked.
                All components but the last must exist.  The last must not.

    RootDirectory - Supplies the handle the LinkName is relative to.

    CmHive - pointer to a CMHIVE structure describing the hive to link in.

    Allocate - TRUE indicates that the root cell is to be created
               FALSE indicates the root cell already exists.

    SecurityDescriptor - supplies a pointer to the security descriptor to
               be placed on the hive root.

Return Value:

    TRUE == success, FALSE == failure