__in HANDLE KeyHandle,
      __in ULONG Index,
      __in KEY_INFORMATION_CLASS KeyInformationClass,

Routine Description:

    The sub keys of an open key may be enumerated with NtEnumerateKey.

    NtEnumerateKey returns the name of the Index'th sub key of the open
    key specified by KeyHandle.  The value STATUS_NO_MORE_ENTRIES will be
    returned if value of Index is larger than the number of sub keys.

    Note that Index is simply a way to select among child keys.  Two calls
    to NtEnumerateKey with the same Index are NOT guaranteed to return
    the same results.

    If KeyInformation is not long enough to hold all requested data,
    STATUS_BUFFER_OVERFLOW will be returned, and ResultLength will be
    set to the number of bytes actually required.


    KeyHandle - Handle of the key whose sub keys are to be enumerated.  Must
        be open for KEY_ENUMERATE_SUB_KEY access.

    Index - Specifies the (0-based) number of the sub key to be returned.

    KeyInformationClass - Specifies the type of information returned in
        Buffer.  One of the following types:

        KeyBasicInformation - return last write time, title index, and name.
            (see KEY_BASIC_INFORMATION structure)

        KeyNodeInformation - return last write time, title index, name, class.
            (see KEY_NODE_INFORMATION structure)

    KeyInformation -Supplies pointer to buffer to receive the data.

    Length - Length of KeyInformation in bytes.

    ResultLength - Number of bytes actually written into KeyInformation.

Return Value: