__in USHORT BootCondition

Routine Description:

    This routine is called in 2 situations:

    1) It is called from SM after autocheck (chkdsk) has
    run and the paging files have been opened.  It's function is
    to bind in memory hives to their files, and to open any other
    files yet to be used.

    2) It is called from SC after the current boot has been accepted
    and the control set used for the boot process should be saved
    as the LKG control set.

    After this routine accomplishes the work of situation #1 and
      #2, further requests for such work will not be carried out.


    BootCondition -

         REG_INIT_BOOT_SM -     The routine has been called from SM
                                in situation #1.

         REG_INIT_BOOT_SETUP -  The routine has been called to perform
                                situation #1 work but has been called
                                from setup and needs to do some special

                        (where 0 < Num < 1000) - The routine has been called
                                                 in situation #2. "Num" is the
                                                 number of the control set
                                                 to which the boot control set
                                                 should be saved.

Return Value:

    NTSTATUS - Result code from call, among the following:

        STATUS_SUCCESS - it worked
        STATUS_ACCESS_DENIED - the routine has already done the work
                               requested and will not do it again.