__in POBJECT_ATTRIBUTES NewFile,
      __in HANDLE             TargetHandle,

Routine Description:

    A hive file may be "replaced" under a running system, such
    that the new file will be the one actually used at next
    boot, with this call.

    This routine will:

        Open newfile, and verify that it is a valid Hive file.

        Rename the Hive file backing TargetHandle to OldFile.
        All handles will remain open, and the system will continue
        to use the file until rebooted.

        Rename newfile to match the name of the hive file
        backing TargetHandle.

    .log and .alt files are ignored

    The system must be rebooted for any useful effect to be seen.

    Caller must have SeRestorePrivilege.


    NewFile - specifies the new file to use.  must not be just
              a handle, since NtReplaceKey will insist on
              opening the file for exclusive access (which it
              will hold until the system is rebooted.)

    TargetHandle - handle to a registry hive root

    OldFile - name of file to apply to current hive, which will
              become old hive

Return Value: