IN  USHORT LogicalId,
  IN  PDRIVER_OBJECT DriverObject,
  IN  PUCHAR RequestBlock,
  IN  USHORT EntryPoint

Routine Description:

    This function calls an ABIOS service routine on behave of device driver
    using Operating System Transfer Convention.


    LogicalId - Logical Id for the call.

    DriverObject - Supplies a 32-bit flat pointer of the requesting device
                driver's driver object.  The DriverObject is used to verify
                the ownership of the desired LID.

    RequestBlock - A 16:16 (selector:offset) pointer to the request block.

    EntryPoint - Specifies which ABIOS entry point:

                 0 - Start Routine
                 1 - Interrupt Routine
                 2 - Timeout Routine

Return Value:

    STATUS_SUCCESS - If no error.

    STATUS_ABIOS_NOT_PRESENT - If there is no ABIOS support in the system.

    STATUS_ABIOS_INVALID_COMMAND - if the specified entry point is not supported.

    STATUS_ABIOS_INVALID_LID - If the Lid specified is invalid.

    STATUS_ABIOS_NOT_LID_OWNER - If the caller does not own this Lid.

    (Note that the request specific ABIOS returned code is in RequestBlock.)