IN  USHORT DeviceId,
  IN  USHORT RelativeLid,
  IN  BOOLEAN SharedLid,
  IN  PDRIVER_OBJECT DriverObject,

Routine Description:

    This function searches Device Blocks and Common Data Area for the
    Logical Id matching the specified Device Id.

    N.B. To speed the search, this routine ASSUMES that
    the LIDs with the same Device ID always appear consecutively in the
    Common Data Area.  IBM ABIOS doc does not explicitly specify this.
    But from the way ABIOS initializes Device Block and Function Transfer
    Table, I think the assumption is true.


    DeviceId - Desired Device Id.

    RelativeLid - Specifies the Nth logical Id for this device Id.  A value
                  of 0 indicates the first available Lid.

    SharedLid - A boolean value indicates if it is a shared or exclusively
                owned logical Id.

    DriverObject - Supplies a 32-bit flat pointer of the requesting device
                driver's driver object.  The DriverObject is used to establish
                the ownership of the desired LID.

    LogicalId - A pointer to a variable which will receive the Lid.

Return Value:

    STATUS_SUCCESS - If the requested LID is available.

    STATUS_ABIOS_NOT_PRESENT - If there is no ABIOS support in the system.

    STATUS_ABIOS_LID_NOT_EXIST - If the specified LID does not exist.

    STATUS_ABIOS_LID_ALREADY_OWNED - If the caller requests an exclusively
                                     owned LID.