__in PUNICODE_STRING SubsystemName,
      __in_opt PVOID HandleId,
      __in PUNICODE_STRING ObjectTypeName,
      __in PUNICODE_STRING ObjectName,
      __in PSECURITY_DESCRIPTOR SecurityDescriptor,
      __in_opt PSID PrincipalSelfSid,
      __in ACCESS_MASK DesiredAccess,
      __in AUDIT_EVENT_TYPE AuditType,
      __in ULONG Flags,

Routine Description:

    See SepAccessCheckAndAuditAlarm.


    See SepAccessCheckAndAuditAlarm.

Return Value:

    STATUS_SUCCESS - Indicates the call completed successfully.  In this
        case, ClientStatus receives the result of the access check.

    STATUS_PRIVILEGE_NOT_HELD - Indicates the caller does not have
        sufficient privilege to use this privileged system service.