__in HANDLE ThreadHandle,
      __in ACCESS_MASK DesiredAccess,
      __in BOOLEAN OpenAsSelf,
      __in ULONG HandleAttributes,
      __out PHANDLE TokenHandle

Routine Description:

Open a token object associated with a thread and return a handle that
may be used to access that token.


    ThreadHandle - Specifies the thread whose token is to be opened.

    DesiredAccess - Is an access mask indicating which access types
        are desired to the token.  These access types are reconciled
        with the Discretionary Access Control list of the token to
        determine whether the accesses will be granted or denied.

    OpenAsSelf - Is a boolean value indicating whether the access should
        be made using the calling thread's current security context, which
        may be that of a client if impersonating, or using the caller's
        process-level security context.  A value of FALSE indicates the
        caller's current context should be used un-modified.  A value of
        TRUE indicates the request should be fulfilled using the process
        level security context.

        This parameter is necessary to allow a server process to open
        a client's token when the client specified IDENTIFICATION level
        impersonation.  In this case, the caller would not be able to
        open the client's token using the client's context (because you
        can't create executive level objects using IDENTIFICATION level

    HandleAttributes - Attributes applied to the handle OBJ_KERNEL_HANDLE

    TokenHandle - Receives the handle of the newly opened token.

Return Value:

    STATUS_SUCCESS - Indicates the operation was successful.

    STATUS_NO_TOKEN - Indicates an attempt has been made to open a
        token associated with a thread that is not currently
        impersonating a client.

    STATUS_CANT_OPEN_ANONYMOUS - Indicates the client requested anonymous
        impersonation level.  An anonymous token can not be opened.