__inout PPRIVILEGE_SET RequiredPrivileges,
      __in PSECURITY_SUBJECT_CONTEXT SubjectSecurityContext,
      __in KPROCESSOR_MODE AccessMode

Routine Description:

    This routine checks to see if the token contains the specified


    RequiredPrivileges - Points to a set of privileges.  The subject's
        security context is to be checked to see which of the specified
        privileges are present.  The results will be indicated in the
        attributes associated with each privilege.  Note that
        flags in this parameter indicate whether all the privileges listed
        are needed, or any of the privileges.

    SubjectSecurityContext - A pointer to the subject's captured security

    AccessMode - Indicates the access mode to use for access check.  One of
        UserMode or KernelMode.  If the mode is kernel, then all privileges
        will be marked as being possessed by the subject, and successful
        completion status is returned.

Return Value:

    BOOLEAN - TRUE if all specified privileges are held by the subject,
    otherwise FALSE.