IN  PTOKEN Token,
  IN  BOOLEAN MakeChanges,
  IN  BOOLEAN DisableAllPrivileges,
  IN  ULONG PrivilegeCount OPTIONAL,
  OUT PULONG ReturnLength,
  OUT PULONG ChangeCount,
  OUT PBOOLEAN ChangesMade

Routine Description:

    This routine is used to walk the privileges array in a token as a
    result of a request to adjust privileges.

    If the MakeChanges parameter is FALSE, this routine simply determines
    what changes are needed and how much space is necessary to save the
    current state of changed privileges.

    If the MakeChanges parameter is TRUE, this routine will not only
    calculate the space necessary to save the current state, but will
    actually make the changes.

    This routine makes the following assumptions:

      1) The token is locked for exclusive access.

      2) The PrivilegeCount and NewState parameters (if passed) are captured
         and accesses to them will not result in access violations.

      4) Any access violations encountered may leave the request
         partially completed.  It is the calling routine's responsibility
         to catch exceptions.

      5) The calling routine is responsible for inrementing the token's
         ModifiedId field.


    Token - Pointer to the token to act upon.

    MakeChanges - A boolean value indicating whether the changes should
        actually be made, or just evaluated.  A value of TRUE indicates
        the changes should be made.

    DisableAllPrivilegs - A boolean value indicating whether all privileges
        are to be disabled, or only select, specified privileges.  A value
        of TRUE indicates all privileges are to be disabled.

    PrivilegeCount - This parameter is required only if the NewState parameter
        is used.  In that case, this parameter indicates how many entries are
        in the NewState parameter.

    NewState - This parameter is ignored if the DisableAllPrivileges
        argument is TRUE.  If the DisableAllPrivileges argument is FALSE,
        then this parameter must be provided and specifies the new state
        to set privileges to (enabled or disabled).

    PreviousState - This (optional) parameter points to a buffer to
        receive the state of any privileges actually changed by this
        request.  This information is formated as a TOKEN_PRIVILEGES data
        structure which may be passed as the NewState parameter in a
        subsequent call to NtAdjustPrivileges to restore the original state
        of those privileges.  It is the caller's responsibility to make
        sure this buffer is large enough to receive all the state

    ReturnLength - Points to a buffer to receive the number of bytes needed
        to retrieve the previous state information of changed privileges.
        This parameter is ignored if the PreviousState argument is not

    ChangeCount - Points to a ULONG to receive the number of privileges
        which were adjusted (or would be adjusted, if changes are made).

    ChangesMade - Points to a boolean flag which is to receive an indication
        as to whether any changes were made as a result of this call.  This
        is expected to be used to decide whether or not to increment the
        token's ModifiedId field.

Return Value:

    STATUS_SUCCESS - Call completed successfully.

    STATUS_NOT_ALL_ASSIGNED - Indicates not all the specified adjustments
        have been made (or could be made, if update wasn't requested).